Satellite Direct – An Honest Review

Hey, Mitch here,

You are reading my uncensored and unbiased review of Satellite Direct.

Please note this is a review though. If you are looking for the official website of Satellite Direct, click here.

You are probably wondering why I wrote this review and why am I sharing it with you in the first place. Well, when I was in your shoes, looking for quality Satellite Direct reviews, I could only find plenty of very biased and dishonest ones all over the internet. That is why I wrote an honest review that will help any of you who are in the same boat as I was.

Please note that Satellite Direct is not all shine and glory. It has it’s bad sides as well and in this review I’ll also be analyzing those. If that is something you don’t want to hear, you may as well leave now.

So let’s start by answering what Satellite Direct actually is. Basically it’s a software that enables watching TV on a PC (both Windows and Mac). The whole installation process is very straightforward: first you download Satellite Direct software from ETVCorp’s website, then you install it on your computer and finally you fire it up and watch thousands of TV channels, other kinds of feeds and even webcams. You don’t need anything else (like a satellite dish, set top box or extra money for subscription bills).

Click here to visit SatelliteDirect website

So, how does Satellite Direct work? Basically it’s a collection of feeds and TV channels freely available on the internet. But it’s a huge collection though – over 3500 channels. That’s a vast amount of channels and to be honest you will probably never even go through all of them because there are simply too many. It’s a good idea to  bookmark your favorites just to make sure you don’t get lost in all the channels. These 3500 channels are not just TV channels. There are also plenty of live local channels, prerecorded shows and I’ve even seen some webcam live feeds. To be honest there are lots of channels that are pretty much useless, but even after you clean them up, you will end up with way too many quality channels to watch. They are sorted into groups based on the country. A plus side of Satellite Direct is that these are channels from all over the world, not just local channels like with cable packages. Software also comes with hundreds of radio channels, movie trailers and other pretty good features. Those are not the main features of the software so we won’t go into the details.

Here are a few preview screenshots of Satellite Direct:

SatelliteDirect InstallationSatelliteDirect TrailersSatelliteDirect TV Channels

There’s one thing I absolutely love about Satellite Direct. I’m a frequent traveler and my laptop travels with me wherever I go. So when I’m abroad I simply connect to internet (wi fi or 3G), run Satellite Direct and watch TV just like if I was at home. That’s really cool because I never miss my favorite sports games and shows this way.

To sum up – I really like Satellite Direct. I won’t deny it – it’s got its weaknesses, but it’s very cheap and it brings added value to my life (especially the part about traveling and watching TV abroad). ETV Corp (and Clickbank) offers no questions asked money back guarantee, proving they’re confident about their product. So to summarize:

The good stuff:

  • Satellite Direct is dirt cheap. It costs a one-time fee of $29.95. There’s no monthly subscription and no hardware to buy and install. (note: normal Satellite Direct price is $49.95. Discount price of $29.95 is available only when you sign up through this link.
  • You can watch TV from any location at home or while on the go (ideal for travelers). You can even watch it in your car via mobile data connection.
  • It comes with bonuses like Trailers, Radio Channels, etc.
  • You can access thousands of foreign channels that are usually not available with cable/satellite TV services.
  • If you still don’t like it, they offer no questions asked money back guarantee.

The bad stuff:

  • You need to be connected to the internet while using the software. It does not work without internet connection.
  • There aren’t many High Definition (HD) channels included in Satellite Direct.
  • If you want to make the most of it, you will need to go through the channel list and bookmark your favorite channels, because there are so many of them – there’s a bookmarking system that makes this task much easier.
  • You will not get 3500 TV channels (some of those channels are local webcams, some are of low quality and some are not operating all the time). Still, you’ll have at least 1500 good channels to choose from, and to be honest you’ll never come even close to watching all of those since that’s just too many. It’s still nice to have a choice though!


Who Made SatelliteDirect?

Satellite direct is made by a company called ETV Corp that has been in business for a long time.

Solely in 2009 the company won the following awards for SatelliteDirect:

  • Quality assurance seal 2009 (for software reviews)
  • Best of the web 2009 (5 stars)
  • 100% clean (no spyware, no adware, no viruses)

Looking at reviews posted at their website testimonials of the likes can be found:

“Thanks to your software, I cancelled my costly TV Cable service. Money well spent!”


“I was amazed by your large collection of channels; my cable company only had a quarter of your content. Great stuff!”

Not long ago a digital movie download service called has been launched by the company. You basically sign up, pay yearly fee and stream movies to your computer over the internet. It looks like an interesting service but there are not a lot of reviews and I haven’t tried it myself, so we’ll just have to wait.

Many Different Ways To Access TV

Just like many other things, how we watch TV is changing. The fact is that cable companies are losing subscribers. That’s mainly because our schedules are so full that we can rarely watch what we want when it’s on. Internet services like for example on the other hand offer flexibility – we watch what we want and whenever we want it. We also pay just for what we watched and not for the fees cable companies have to pay to the networks. The concept is also called video on demand.

Using Media Center or other DIY software you can easily pipe TV shows from the Web to your big screen TC. There are several ways to do that. You can for example access from your Xbox plugged to your TV. You can also use Netflix supported device (game consoles, connected TVs, etc.) and stream movies and shows from the internet. There are also other services like Boxee and Sezmi available for that purpose.

If we look ahead into the future it’s pretty clear cable companies won’t be able to survive in the fast evolving internet era. They’ll have to adapt and change their game plan. How and what they’ll do is yet to be seen.